Uh Oh...

Can you believe how long it's been since I've blogged?! It's shocking really. And sadly I'm so burned out from the past couple weeks that I'm not so much in the blogging mood as of right now. However I will try and sum up as to why I feel so drained and it started with the 4th of July festivities, A giant smiling banana, Air travel into LAX, a rental car, Disney Land, Beaches, Angels/Yankees baseball game, San Diego including Balboa Park, La Jolla, Dancing, Dinners, MOVING out of a storage unit and into a Uhual, Road trip to Salt Lake City, Unpack into a new storage unit, Work, Boating, Camping, and Birthdays. And I have a feeling I'm leaving things out. I hope everyone else has been having a relaxing July. I'll be glad to get a couple days of down time before Thursday when my mom will be in town and the madness starts up all over again.

The most unfortunate part is that I haven't had anytime free to upload photos to the computer. So while looking through one of my albums I saw this photo taken a couple years ago at about this time exactly when I was in Italy and things were far less chaotic. The Amalphi Coast Lemons were by no exaggeration almost as large as my head. And I loved every second of the Italian Coast.

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Ashton Steadman said...

I have loved every moment of our chaotic July and look forward to starting a just a crazy august... Love you Lisa.